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Enkasonic Floor Mat
  Noise is the most litigated issue in condominium and apartment ownership. People don't mind living close together, they just don't want to hear one another talk or walk across the floor, their music or any of their ... <detail>
  ... <detail>
NoiseStop Wall Bracket
  NOISESTOP┬« isolated wall WB-2-14 is a high performance isolated wall bracket made from cold rolled steel sheet and high resilient pad. WB-2-14 has very high loading, low resonance frequency, and high ... <detail>
CDM Floating Floor
  CDM-ISO-FLOAT systems are integrated to obtain high degrees of living and work space comfort in noisy and vibration-active environments, or to realize a reduction of noise and vibration... <detail>
NoiseStop Ceiling hanger
  NOISESTOP┬« CB-RR-50 is a space saving isolated ceiling hanger made from high quality metal parts and resilient sheet. WB-2-14 has very high loading, low resonance frequency, and high damping ratio ... <detail>
Damping Sheet
  NoiseStop Damping Sheet is for reducing noise and increaseing sound transmission. It is manufactured from bitumen, mineral filler and polymer etc.It can be used as a layer between two wall to reduce ... <detail>




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