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Product / System development
CDL are expert in noise and vibration control product design. The proper design can maximize the building material noise and vibration isolation properties. We can help client to develop and/or modify their product or system to improve their insulation performance.
Field measurement
CDL offers acoustical testing services to quantify your needs. The services include:
Building occupant comfort/commissioning (NC, RC, etc.)
Room reverberation
Field STC
Acoustical remediation performance testing
Troubleshooting for source identification and qualification
We also provide vibration testing services encompass:
Building vibration compliance
Machinery compliance and diagnostics
Vibration isolation selection and/or efficiency determination
Machinery balancing and alignment
Troubleshooting building disturbances
Resonance determination
Laboratory measurement
CDL can help arrange and coordinate the accredited acoustic test which includes:
HOKLAS Accredited Laboratory Sound Transmission Loss Test
This test is to determine the airborne sound insulation of building elements such as walls, floors, doors, windows, fa├žade elements and facades. The measurement is performed in a special designed laboratory test facilities of which the transmission of sound on franking paths is suppressed. This test facilities consist by two adjacent reverberation rooms with a test opening between them with a test specimen is inserted.
HOKLAS Accredited Laboratory Sound Absorption Test
This test is to determine the sound absorption performance of building elements such as wall, floors and ceiling by laboratory method.
HOKLAS Accredited Laboratory Impact Sound Insulation Test
This test is to determine the impact insulation performance of floors, floor-ceiling assemblies or floor coverings; and improvement in sound insulation performance by floor coverings by laboratory method.
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